SmartCrowding is a new SaaS system to enhance hospitals and trusts with operational leadership and operation regarding patient flow management and resource planning in times of high activity

Real time patient flow management

Our system was developed to visualize capacity and activity in a hospital so decisions can be made quickly, without spending valuable time on large spreadsheets.

With SmartCrowding, the employees can get an overview of bottlenecks, capacity and other important aspects which needs to be considered to take the right decisions and operate well, safely, and efficient.

Used at a University Hospital since 2015

SmartCrowding was started as a trial at Stavanger University hospital (SUS) in 2015, where experience and feedback from users has formed the system into an intuitive, user friendly and efficient management system. It is currently in use at over 30 wards at SUS.

After startup of SmartCrowding at SUS, waiting times in ER has been reduced, number of corridor patients has been reduced and costs regarding hiring of personnel has been reduced.

Better patient flow has a positive ROI:
– Right patient at the right place
– Time in hospital according to patient safety not capacity
– Increased patient satisfaction
– Increased employee satisfaction
– Reduced complication rate
– Reduced unnecessary use of services
– Reduced re-admissions
– Reduced use of corridor beds
– Reduced overcrowding
– Reduced hiring

In coming versions of SmartCrowding use of Bigdata such as weather, planned events etc. will provide decision support for the nearest future. This will help hospitals plan ahead and predict a sudden increase in patient flow to the hospital.

A valuable lesson from the recent pandemic situation is that hospital beds are a precious resource, and then specially ICU beds.

SmartCrowding has developed a pandemic module with emphasis on visualization of pandemic information, showing spread of disease in the population, bed capacity at hospitals, number of infected admitted to hospitals, ventilator capacity etc. The pandemic module can give an overview for municipalities and counties in addition of hospital, trusts and nation. This can be linked together with the aid of the coming prediction module to predict the need for pandemic hospital beds etc.

Øystein Evjen Olsen

Øystein has previously worked as manager of the intensive care unit at Stavanger Universitetssykehus (SUS), where he saw the need for a robust and flexible solution as an alternative to the spreadsheets he used.”

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